Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am a simple man.

I am a simple man. That doesn’t come as a surprise to people who know me. I wear the same clothes to work everyday. No one ever says anything and most of my closest friends do the same. 
I like wearing dry underwear and I spend the notable part of my work day ensuring that they stay dry. 
I play hide-and-go-seek for a living. Most of the time, the people that I look for do not want to be found. Occasionally, the people I look for pray I find them. In either case, sometimes we do, and unfortunately sometimes we do not.
The great thing about my job is I am asked to find things all over the world. The bad thing about my job is it takes me all over the world to find things. Most of the time, these things I am trying to find aren’t really there. To make matters worst, I am often forced to try and find theses imaginary things at night. 
In my travels I have seen lots of simple things. Some of these things were beautiful and some were not. 
Sunset in Haiti. Taken a week after the earthquake.
Mountains, for instance are pretty simple. They are big rocks. 

Lighthouses are simple to understand. They are just houses with a big light on top. They are used to warn against hitting rocks. That is a pretty simple concept.

Volcanoes are simple like mountains. They just have fire inside. The rare ones also have a lake and a forest.

I have met some exceptionally simple people. I once saw a man live cheek and jowl with his ex-wife for two months without complaint. That same man once let a stranger order sushi for him in Brisbane. Three hundred dollars later, all he did was laugh and pick his teeth.
I know another simple fellow. We talk quite regularly- every six months or so we pick up from where we left off. It is so regular, that I have his beer in my fridge. It stays there because I know in a couple months he is going to ask me where it is. This man once showed Lenard Cohen a news article that proclaimed the poet was dead. Mr. Cohen reassured this simple man that he was not.
I am very happy to do a simple job that lets me see simple things and meet simple people.

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